"Venom VS Spider..." (Fan-art) : Part 2

General / 05 June 2018


here are some other "work in progress" steps of my  first "Venom" piece.

The basic colors : 

A very quick "shadow" step :

and a close-up of Venom's "beautiful" face :

See you soon for the final render ! :)

"Venom VS Spider..." (Fan-art) : Part 1 ...

General / 30 May 2018

Hi !

Here is another "Sup'" fan-art project with the best Spidey's arch enemy ever :)

Badass, hulk shape, ugly creature face,... I thought this will be easy.

Actually, finding his right proportions and face was not easy at all... :)

The very first sketch :

Before the clean/inking :

The final "clean" :

Next step : some (dark) colors !!

Bye !

"The Ugly" (Creature design) : Part 1...

General / 16 May 2018

Hi Folks !

Here is a new personnal creature project : just for fun, pleasure of drawing weird shapes/lines...

Hope you'll like this ugly one ! :)

Bye !

"Jenny wasn't a friend of mine" (Fan-art She-Hulk) : Part 1...

General / 15 May 2018


I  started to read comic books in 1985 ; I was 8 years old. My favorite characters were (and always are) Colossus, Hulk, She-Hulk, Spidey and Venom, Wolverine, Ghost Rider,... I praticed to draw with them all, copying every character sheet of the OHMU...

But since I became a freelance concept artist/illustrator/"adult", I never really drew these well-known characters...

So, I'm 40 years old now, and here are the very first steps of a "She-Hulk" fan-art ; a mix/tribute to John Byrne and Adam Hughes's She-Hulk. :)

This first "anatomic" sketch was made 2 years ago when I was anatomy art teacher for 3D bachelors :



Green is beautiful :

Next step : "Suit up !!" :)

Thanks for your visit, bye !

The Shapes of Water : Part 1...

General / 15 May 2018

Hi everybody,

here is my firt post on this blog...

I'd like to share some (personnal) "works in progress" and "making of" ; especially creature designs, fan-art, etc...

First : "The Shapes of Water" piece, a weird tribute to the beautiful movie "The shape of water", from Guillermo del Toro.

All begins with lines, round shapes, floating curves...

I hope you'll like this one ; bye !