"The Ugly 2" : Part 1...

Making Of / 17 mai 2019


well, here is another creature project, just for fun and relaxation :)

Don't know where I'm going with this one, but it's quite exciting' !



Bye !

"Dark Entities" : Part 1...

Making Of / 29 mars 2019

Hi !

Well, here is another personnal project with creepy creatures :)

With this project, I try to build a sort of "pantheon" of ugly but fascinating entities/gods of Evil....

It's the very beginning of it : only 2 first and quick sketches...

"The Collector" :

...and "The Devourer" :


"Birth of Ivy" (Fan-art of Poison Ivy) : 2nd part...

Making Of / 11 mars 2019


Long time no post again... Sorry for that !

Well, my "In bloom..." project ( a Poison Ivy fan-art) is still on tracks, but I was very busy this winter : so few "free time" for finish it :)

However, here is a new "work in progress" !

Thanks for your visits and comments ; bye !

" The Whirl" (character design/ 2018 rework)

Making Of / 04 octobre 2018


here is a "new" project. 

Actually, i'ts a rework of an old character I've made in 2008 for the RPG "Les Chroniques Oubliées" (Black Book Editions) : the Monk.

I'm not a fan of such an exercice, but, well, I really like that character and I wanted to do a "realistic" fantasy character with my today's skills.


I hope you'll like this rework :)

 The old one (2008)...








"Die Fledermaus..." (Creature design/Work in progress...)

Making Of / 11 septembre 2018


here is a new "Creature" project ; not exactly a fan-art, but Man-Bat/Woman-Bat is one of my favourite Batman's vilains :)

Chiroptera are such beautiful animals too !

So, here are some "step by step"...

Bye !


"The Ugly/From Beyond..." (Creature design) : Part 2...

Making Of / 05 juillet 2018


here are some new "step by step" about "my" last ugly face... :)

First, a partial colorization :

...then, the final line with the entire flat/basic colorization :


And a special thanks for the "666" followers of my ArtStation page !


Please, feel free to visit the final artwork here  ; thanks a lot !

I hope you'll like him :)

Bye !


"Birth of Ivy" (Fan-art of Poison Ivy) : 1st part...

Making Of / 21 juin 2018

Hi !

Here is an another fan-art project, based on Poison Ivy ( and "The Birth of Venus" from Sandro Botticelli :) )

(I think I have a strange feeling with green badass women :))

So :



I'll probably keep these colored lines for the final...

I hope you'll like these first steps ; bye !


"Venom VS Spider..." (Fan-art) : Part 2

Making Of / 05 juin 2018


here are some other "work in progress" steps of my  first "Venom" piece.

The basic colors : 

A very quick "shadow" step :

and a close-up of Venom's "beautiful" face :

See you soon for the final render ! :)

"Venom VS Spider..." (Fan-art) : Part 1 ...

Making Of / 30 mai 2018

Hi !

Here is another "Sup'" fan-art project with the best Spidey's arch enemy ever :)

Badass, hulk shape, ugly creature face,... I thought this will be easy.

Actually, finding his right proportions and face was not easy at all... :)

The very first sketch :

Before the clean/inking :

The final "clean" :

Next step : some (dark) colors !!

Bye !

"The Ugly" (Creature design) : Part 1...

Making Of / 16 mai 2018

Hi Folks !

Here is a new personnal creature project : just for fun, pleasure of drawing weird shapes/lines...

Hope you'll like this ugly one ! :)

Bye !