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Hello, I'm Jean-Baptiste Reynaud, also known as "Djib", a french freelance concept artist and illustrator.

Concept artist and characters/background modeler at Eden Games, a french videogames company (Kya : Dark Lineage, Alone in the dark 5)for 7 years, I now work as a freelance artist mainly for the games industry : "Cosmic Encounter : Duel", "KeyForge" (Fantasy Flight Games), "Wizards Wanted" (Mattel games), "8 Bit Box", "Schotten Totten", "Château Aventure", "King of Tokyo 2016" (Iello), "Ticket to ride : First Journey" (Days of Wonder), "Titan Race" (Funforge),"Sabordage" (Superlude/Origames), "7 Wonders Artpack" (Repos Productions), "Clash of rage" (La Boîte de Jeu/Origames), "Night of the Grand Octopus" (Superlude), "Drakerz" (Péoléo Entertainment), "Ultimate Warriorz" (Pulsar Games/Matagot), and on several RPG, such as "Pathfinder" (Paizo Publishing),"COPS", "Hell Dorado", "INS/MV" (Asmodee Editions), "Les Chroniques Oubliées","Polaris", "Shadowrun", "Pavillon Noir", "Black Box" (Black Book Editions). 

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