Bio and contact

Hello, I'm Jean-Baptiste Reynaud, also known as "Djib", a french freelance concept artist and illustrator.

Concept artist and characters/background modeler at Eden Games, a french videogames company (Kya : Dark Lineage, Alone in the dark 5)for 7 years, I now work as a freelance artist mainly for the games industry : "Clash of Clans" (Supercell),  "Gargoyles Awakening" (Ravensburger/Disney), "Cosmic Encounter : Duel", "KeyForge" (Fantasy Flight Games), "Wizards Wanted" (Mattel games), "8 Bit Box", "Schotten Totten", "Château Aventure", "King of Tokyo 2016" (Iello), "Ticket to ride : First Journey" (Days of Wonder), "Titan Race" (Funforge),"Sabordage" (Superlude/Origames), "7 Wonders Artpack" (Repos Productions), "Clash of rage" (La Boîte de Jeu/Origames), "Night of the Grand Octopus" (Superlude), "Drakerz" (Péoléo Entertainment), "Ultimate Warriorz" (Pulsar Games/Matagot), and on several RPG, such as "Pathfinder" (Paizo Publishing),"COPS", "Hell Dorado", "INS/MV" (Asmodee Editions), "Les Chroniques Oubliées","Polaris", "Shadowrun", "Pavillon Noir", "Black Box" (Black Book Editions). 

If you wish to contact me, please don't hesitate to use the ArtStation's contact tool, and leave me you email address. Be sure I'll answer you as soon as possible. Thank you a lot !

Also, you can follow me on Instagram or on FaceBook.

Thank you very much for your visit !!